Saturday, 15 November 2008

And You Call Me Coloured?

This beautiful poem was written by an African Child, and nominated by the UN as the best poem of 2006. Wanna share with one and all...

When I was born, I was black
When I grow up, I black
When i go in Sun, I black
When I scared, I black
When I sick, I black
[center][/center]And when i die, I still black

And you white fellow
When you born, you pink
When you grow up, you white
When you go in sun, you red
When you cold, you blue
When you scared, you yellow
When you sick, you green
And when you die, you grey


While he was sleeping...

I look at him as he lay asleep ...his handsome face gentle and seemingly at peace with himself, perhaps a sweet dream as his mouth twitched into the faintest hint of a smile, and his dark lashes resting on his soft cheeks, I look at that face and felt that sudden rush of overwhelming love for him flow through me...a most beautiful feeling which takes my breath away everytime.

He has been through a lot this past 2 weeks - a roller coaster of emotions. To miss me when I was hospitalised recently, to stay home alone with no one to talk to...and in that state to celebrate his birthday...alone. If not for his connection to the outside world through his Facebook page, no one would know of his birthday. I am glad he has many concerned friends in facebook.

The good news he claims now that he is finally a TRUE CERTIFIED MALAYSIAN...and many wondered why. He proudly claims, "Well, as of 11/11 I am officially 12. I shall be getting my MY KAD soon and that makes me a true Malaysian".

He is my baby boy, my youngest son who did me proud by scoring straight As for his UPSR and Mumtaz for his PSRA recently. My cheerful, witty ,excellent young son (that is the meaning of his name actually!). As I watch him asleep now, he seemed so much a little boy yet that I almost dont have the heart to wake him up for his fajr prayer.

Then it dawned on me...that my true measure of love for him is not by his achievements in the academic field only, but more than that I am glad that he is a young man who can be roused to wake up for the fajr prayer without much fuss and harrass, he is a young man who has been fasting ever since he was 6 and cherish the month of Ramadhan, that he is a young man who can quote verses of the Quran to highlight a point in his conversation.

Yet he is also the one who has caused commotion between two sisters who are vying for his attention, he is the one who gives out a good fight back when his peers made fun of him, he is the one who is aware that Linkin Park? is a singing group, yet he is the one who can go to bed at night only after ummi gives him a peck on the cheeks and hugs him. In short, he is that young boy who knows he is my baby..anytime.

And so, I realise that even though one he may grow up, and hopefully be successful in his studies, make a good career in his life, what I wish for more is that he turns out to be a man who knows of his duties to his Maker, of his responsibilities to his parents and family, of his commitment to the betterment of his society.

And it is my duty to make sure that he is set on the right path to success..So..i shall wake him up for his fajr prayer...

Saturday, 1 November 2008

need to get back ...

I need to get back to my blogging...need to get back to my blogging...

Friday, 24 October 2008

What happened to me?

O my Gosh...o my Gosh...I hadn't realised that it is over 2 months now since I last published any posts. Now why is that?

I guess the first month was excusable - it being the fasting month of Ramadan and all. I must admit of all the 5 obligatory duties of a Muslim, the one that I am the weakest is the third one - fasting in the month of Ramadhan. And so, to enable myself to go through the rituals of fasting as well as my daily routine, I have had to preserve my energy which meant less talk, less walk and of course going to bed early so I could get up on time to prepare the predawn meal or sahur for the family. All this meant that I had not much time (or energy) to even jot some simple thoughts for the day.

And then came Eidul Fitri - came and went so fast, I cannot believe the month is over! Just actually enjoyed it till the 5th of Syawal, before it was back to school. As usual, we went visiting, photo snapping and attending open houses. Many pictures were taken. At first I had intended to post them into my blog, but you know what? Lately, out of necessity, meaning to "oversee" what my nieces and nephews were commenting about my pictures which they post onto their Facebook accounts, I had to become active over there too, and subsequently I too have now posted my pictures there. Anyway, I am still hoping to really update this blog this upcoming holidays. Can't wait for holidays to comelah...truly and honestly bone tired...

And after that, lets see...ah yes..Ashraf's SMA, followed by my students' PMR, and then Zakiy's PRAI exams. And right now, the Form 4s are having their end of year exam, which means more marking for me. Finally, the SPM is scheduled to start on 11/11/2008.

I am hoping to move to my new house this December, get the pond done and settled in before 2009 starts. As slow as I am with my posting of blogs..the house developer and the municipal county is even slower with their work....bummer!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

In Praise of God

Salaam. You know what, as I sit and type here alone in my house, I only have praises for Allah Almighty in my heart. Although the weather outside is raining, with dark clouds and thunder clapping, but it is only joy and gratitude within. And you know why? Coz things are looking good for me. My last medical checkup shows my kidney to be functioning well, my liver cirrhosis is still in controlled state, despite the polyps that the doctors discovered recently. And I asked my favorite student@v.good doctor about the polyps, he said that as long as my liver functions are okay, it will probably be best to just leave the polyps alone...o I will leave those polyps well alone...hehehe...

And then of course, there is my first novel, finally born....I am thrilled to bits..and friends in school have something designed to celebrate the publication of this first novel. I am very very very embarrassed by it all....don't really know how to react. I just hope my novel wont disappoint them...

And most recently, we have been told that my new house is about to get the CF shortly. O please God, I am very hopeful and so looking forward to celebrate Raya over there. Water and electricity are available now. So you know what, hubby and I have decided to go ahead with our plan to celebrate raya there, even though we wont be moving in just yet, with or without CF. So we have met up again with our dear landscape artist, Mr. Loo, and confirmed our decision to have the garden and pond built, and he has immediately mobilised the work. And once again, I am so excited and thrilled to bits...coz you know why...more than the interior renovation of this new house of mine, I want a garden and a pond with running fountain for me to soothe my tired eyes after a hard day's work...while I sit on the chair on my wooden deck overlooking the pond and sip my hot cup of tea or vico...Aaah....that is the life for me now...And perhaps during the holidays, I might wake up early in the morning, and do my writing outdoors, the quiet sound of the running fountain a source of inspiration to me. O dear, I can't wait for the garden and pond to be completed. To my dearest hubby, thank you very much for understanding my wish, I highly appreciate your understanding, and thank you Mr. Loo for realising this wish of mine.

But above all, thank you Allah..for all YOUR blessings. With all my shortcomings and handicap, YOU never fail to make my dreams come true, one by one, and I know that YOU are always watching me, despite the moments when I have forgotten YOU. Just give me the strength o Allah, to be a grateful servant to YOU. O Allah, I can only hope and pray that YOU never ever abandon me, despite all my weaknesses and shortcomings.

And please Allah, bless all those who are dear to me family and friends alike...and uncle and auntie...

p/s: And finally all praise be to Allah for the recent election in Permatang Pauh... God is the Best of all planners....and He knows Best!

Friday, 22 August 2008


On 3rd of September 2007, I wrote a post called In Honor of Friendship. In that post I pay tribute to my friends who have passed away, namely Rose, Azland and Maulud. And I said that if my effort is realised, it is Inshaallah in memory of them.

Well you know what? The effort is realised. My first novel is finally out! And I dedicate that book to you guys. May Allah bless your souls and may He place you guys amongst the pious and the succesful. Ameen.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Its Out - Finally!!

Salam. You know what????MY BOOK IS FINALLY OUT!!! Yes and I am so first can I even begin to describe my feelings of elation right now...what has always been in my computer now has a beautiful front and back cover, synopsis all in one.

So please...please...please... you guys out there, friends, family, my effort okay. I come by the pen name Alma Zakiya (publisher's choice), and the title of my very first novel here is AFTER THE RAIN. Very affordable - only RM10.00..please get a copy for your children, your spouse, yourselves...:-)

For your support and encouragement. all this while. ..I THANK YOU ALL MOST SINCERELY...and HUMBLY.

To BLOOM, an imprint of ALAF21 - THANK YOU FOR ACCEPTING MY MANUSCRIPT...and start me off...

front cover

the back cover
the pen name